Making a Difference, One Step at a Time

By standing together with compassion, empathy and unity, we can empower our fellow people.


Our Team

The “Angels of Joy” team consists of professional artists (e.g actors, musicians, painters), music therapists, educators, psychologists and scientific advisors who share a vision of offering support and solace to their fellow human beings.

Specifically trained artists and professional scientists approach the beneficiaries of our programs with love, compassion, as well as the utmost discretion and respect. Through art, the Angels offer creative ways of confronting their daily challenges.

The team of artists constantly improves their approach, methods and procedures by continuously attending educational and training programs with psychologists, gerontologists and scientific counselors.


The “Angels of Joy” are a dedicated group of professionals who are united in their mission to bring comfort and hope to those in need through the Art. With our combined expertise in different aspects of art, psychology, education and science, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment for those seeking solace. Through our creative and compassionate approach, we offer vulnerable people a unique way to confront life’s daily struggles. We are committed to furthering our knowledge and skills, and are constantly attending educational and training programs to ensure we are providing the best possible approach to kids and adults who needs our support.