Celtic Harp and Storytelling


In the hands of a dedicated performer, the harp creates atmospheric soundscapes that captivate, gently inviting the listener to calm their thoughts and release tensions. The harp’s notes allow one to let go, relax and dream, and their minds to travel to pleasant images and connections.

This experience is strengthened by storytelling, whose symbolism highlights joy, optimism and universal values, forming a powerful combination to benefit deeply vulnerable social groups.

The harp also has the potential to harmonise and bring people in tune with their positivity, hope and inner strength. With or without storytelling, the harpist is responsible for creating a space of security and peace, having first immersed themselves into this vibration.

The program “Celtic Harp and Storytelling” is implemented by our volunteer Maria Aggeli. Maria is a holistic learning educator and researcher, art curator, writer and musician. Having studied classical piano, choir &  music theory at the Apollonius Conservatory, through her travels and continuous training she has also been certified in therapeutic sound, voice, therapeutic work with body and mind. After many years of involvement with music, she studied  the harp. She has received further training in approaching the elderly through the Validation Method, as well as in the healing harp (certification Harp for Healing).